Interview with Frédéric Mazzella, Founder and CEO of BlaBlaCar, Real Leader

About Frédéric: Frédéric is the co-founder of BlaBlaCar ( in France), a ride sharing service that now has more than 2 million users in France, UK, Italy and Spain. Accel Partners led a $10M round in BlaBlaCar in January 2012.

BlaBlaCar - Company bio

BlaBlaCar is a new community-based travel service. Of course, we could call it a "ride sharing website" but it really is a travel revolution. We really think of it as a new social, low cost and environmentally friendly way to travel. The service has initially begun under the name in France and has been a phenomenal success amongst drivers and passengers alike who are hard hit by increasing petrol prices and rising public transport costs. The site was founded in 2006 and already gathers over 1.8 million drivers and passengers in Europe. The community is growing by over 80,000 new users every month. BlaBlaCar is the largest European social ride sharing network with presence in the UK, France, Belgium, Spain an Italy. It has offered already more than 10 million trips since its beginning which represents more than 1 billion miles shared between drivers and passengers."

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