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The explosive growth in digital information presents serious challenges to traditional data storage and analysis. SCALITY, a world leader in large scale data storage, provides an appropriate solution with its software defined storage platform. This Franco-American company which specializes in Cloud storage and Big Data has produced this software called RING to manage large scale data measured in multi petabyte (1015 bytes of digital information).

RING has several advantages compared to traditional systems: geo-redundancy which replicates data between two geographically distant sites to overcome one site’s failure; high performance in input/output operations per second; better data protection and lower operating costs; self-healing capabilities such as recreating lost data and fixing corrupted files; increased availability and ease of operation at large scale etc.

SCALITY’s customers include some of the world’s largest media companies, telecom operators and data centers. In June 2014, the Los Alamos National Laboratory, one of America’s top research centers selected RING to store up to 500 petabytes of data it expects to generate. In October 2014, SCALITY announced a global agreement with HP, the world’s leading server manufacturer. HP will now be able to offer to businesses worldwide, data storage solutions combining the RING storage software with innovative HP servers.

In 2013 SCALITY raised $22 million in a funding round. The investors included the prestigious American Fund, Menlo ventures. The money is being used mainly to start off a new program at its R&D center in Paris where SCALITY is backed by INRIA, the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation. Part of the funds will also be used to develop the company’s sales and marketing team around the world.

The CEO and founder of SCALITY, JEROME LECAT is a remarkably successful French entrepreneur in the field of technology startups. In 2011, he moved to Silicon Valley to benefit from a tech innovation ecosystem which is unrivalled in the world.

JEROME LECAT is also known in France for the letter he sent to the French President on the latter’s visit to Silicon Valley in February 2014. In his letter the CEO of SCALITY urged France to improve its image vis-à-vis foreign investors. He also listed France's assets especially the fact that the cost of a French engineer working in France is half that of an engineer in the Silicon Valley. This could be a considerable advantage in  high-tech industries where success depends on  mastery of breakthrough technologies developed by top class engineers (


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Online publishing, October 18th, 2014


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