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INGENICO, headquartered in Paris is the world leader in payment-terminal solutions. It is expanding rapidly in Asia Pacific especially China and also in the US. Its 15 million terminals are used in 124 countries which gives the company a 30% market share globally.

INGENICO has expertise with EMV (a standard developed by Europay, MasterCard and Visa) and NFC (Near field Communication which enables contactless payment) terminals which accept smart cards. To protect Americans against fraud and allow them to pay for purchases abroad, the US is migrating from the Swipe-and-Sign magnetic stripe card system to EMV/NFC chip cards, in 2015. With this migration taking place, INGENICO stands to become a market leader in the US. 

The Frenchman Roland Moreno was the inventor of the smart card which is also called chip card (Link to THE GUARDIAN Newspaper).

The card contains a tiny computer chip embedded in it which makes payment in stores more secure. The chip-enabled terminal can read the embedded chip and thereby validate the card and the cardholder. This provides increased protection against counterfeit and lost or stolen card fraud. The system is called chip-and-Pin as the customer inserts the chip card into the merchant’s Point of Sale (POS) terminal and then types the PIN numbers before the transaction is accepted. The NFC system is used for relatively small-amount transactions which are processed without a PIN. The world market for the NFC contactless solution is growing rapidly and is expected to reach $100 billion by 2016.

Smart cards are not only used as credit and debit cards but also serve as ATM cards, fuel cards, SIM cards for mobile phones, authorization cards for pay television, identification and access-control cards, driving licenses cards etc.

Now called INGENICO GROUP, the French company is structured around three activities: INGENICO Smart Terminals, INGENICO Mobile Solutions and INGENICO Payment Services.  Its upstream Research activities are carried out in Valence which is in the south-east of France. The French company has made judicious acquisitions abroad like Global Collect, Ogone and taken a majority interest in ROAM. The latter is a mobile commerce platform provider which will consolidate INGENICO’s multichannel strategy. INGENICO will gain from the imminent US implementation of EMV/NFC across all channels : in-store, online, ATM, mobile, Apple pay, tablets, QR codes on billboards etc. In April 2015, INGENICO Group and US’s Intel announced a collaboration to bring payments to the Internet of Things.

In Germany where chip card payment solutions are not widespread, INGENICO purchased a company in 2009 in a strategic move to benefit from a future large scale switch to chip-and-PIN cards in this country.

The French company is already the number one payment terminal provider in China with its subsidiary Landi. To accelerate development in China, it has recently entered into a partnership with the Chinese company Fosun which has large business foothold and investment capacity. Fosun will take a 20% minority stake in INGENICO Group’s Chinese activities.

The French sovereign fund, Bpifrance has invested €360 million euros in INGENICO Group which is listed on the Euronext stock exchange in Paris.



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Online publishing, May 26th, 2015

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