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ATOS is leveraging its world-class IT service capabilities with the acquisition of XEROX’s information-technology outsourcing (ITO) business. The $1.05 billion deal announced in December 2014 will put ATOS amongst the Top 5 IT services players worldwide. The acquisition will enable it to triple its presence in the US, the largest IT services market in the world, known for adopting, at an early stage, high growth innovative technologies.  

ATOS is believed to be the world’s largest data hosting provider with 85 data centers including 15 regional and transcontinental hubs. The clients of ATOS are asking it to extract from this data (Big Data), tomorrow’s innovation for new products and services in domains like genomic therapy, drug discovery, full-scale aircraft simulations, modelling of weather systems etc. This High-Performance Data Analytics will now be provided from the supercomputers of BULL, a French company bought by ATOS in May 2014. The acquisition also enabled the latter to become European leader in Cloud Computing (a technology that allows data to be accessed remotely via the web) and Cybersecurity.

BULL is at the crossroads where Big Data and HPC (High Performance Computing) meet.

Its new generation of exascale supercomputers aims for world leadership in the extreme computing race. The objective is to achieve a performance of more than one billion billion operations a second (one exaflop), a thousand times more powerful than current systems. Already in 2005 BULL had produced the world’s fifth fastest computer. In 2012 it won a contract in Japan, despite stiff competition from NEC and Fujitsu, for providing a supercomputer called Rokushan to enable nuclear fusion research. In 2014 the world renowned German computing center for climate research simulation, DKRZ, chose BULL for the delivery of a petaflops-scale (a petaflop = 1 million billion operations per second) supercomputer in 2016.

The Chairman and CEO of ATOS is Thierry Breton a former French Economy and Finance Minister. In six years, he has transformed ATOS from its European base into a global leader employing nearly 100 000 people in 66 countries. ATOS is listed on the Euronext Paris market.


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Online publishing, January 5th, 2015


Atos Deal to Acquire $1.1 Billion Outsourcing Business from Xerox Makes U.S. its Largest Market

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