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France which is the number one tourist destination in the world for its gastronomy, landscapes, beaches, chateaux, sites, Louvre gallery, etc., is now also becoming known for medical tourism.


A recent report on CBS San Francisco gives the account of a resident in Humboldt County, California who suffered from a painful shoulder joint injury. His company’s health care plan gives employees the option to travel abroad for treatment. After doing research on several countries, he decided to get medical care in France through FRANCE SURGERY, a private company located in Toulouse. FRANCE SURGERY is linked to top French doctors, specialists and health care professionals across the French republic.


On his return home, he went back to his construction job with his California doctor impressed by the surgery carried out in France.



The plan paid for the top quality care and expenses including physical therapy, hotel accommodation, sight-seeing tours, meals, etc. In fact, the company’s health care plan paid in all 35% of what it would have cost to do surgery in California. As it turns out, the employee made money from choosing to have treatment in France as 10% of the savings went directly into his plan.


The British National Health Service (NHS) also sends patients to France for cataract and joint operations, etc., in order to reduce waiting lists. These operations are believed to be cheaper than if they were carried out in a private British hospital.


France has universal care for everyone. In 2005, a World Health Organization research found that France provided the ‘best overall healthcare’ in the world.  



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Online publishing, September 6th, 2014

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