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In the disruptive digital revolution underway which is affecting all industries, France’s OVH is a world leader in the crucial provision of infrastructure, notably as a Cloud and hosting company. In 2016, OVH is going one step further in its global presence by creating a datacenter located in the US. The US accounts for 50% of the worldwide hosting market.


Cloud is a multitude of servers which are made available to customers on demand, mainly via the internet. The servers are themselves computers which store files, process and analyze database queries, manage network traffic etc.

Founded in 1999 by Octave Klaba and headquartered in Roubaix (France), OVH is now Europe’s No 1 hosting company and the world’s No 3 (Source: Netcraft) with a turnover of €250m in 2014 and growing at 20 to 30% a year. It has 1000 employees, 930 000 clients spread over 120 countries, hosts 18 million web applications, delivers 3.7 million domain names and 170 thousand telecommunication lines. Its 17 Datacenters worldwide give OVH the capacity to house one million physical servers.

OVH’s global success in providing an infrastructure which is easy to use and deploy at remarkably competitive marginal cost, is attracting the thousands of clients worldwide who are coming up with disruptive model business ideas including mobile and other device applications. The digital Infrastructure services provided by OVH cover Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IOT), Mobile, Security, Big Data, Social Network, Dedicated Servers, VoIP telephony, ADSL, CDN, SMS, and E-mails. OVH is the No 1 host for Microsoft’s professional Exchange mailbox in the world, outside North America.

As an outstanding computer engineer, Octave Klaba, now Chairman and CTO at OVH, has been behind the ongoing ground breaking technology prowess of the company. One of these numerous technologies guarantees protection from DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks for OVH’s clients.

As one of the world’s largest digital service providers, OVH has attracted top R&D technology partners as well, including Intel (Analytics engine), Cisco [Internet of Everything (IOE) connecting objects, processes and people to Internet] and VmWare (Dedicated Cloud solutions, workstations virtualization etc.).

OVH’s partnership, with French company SIGFOX which provides a low bandwidth, low cost IOT communications network (See Section: Internet, on this website), is paving the way for France to become one of the world’s main data hubs for Internet Connected Objects. In future, these hundreds of billions of objects will generate massive yotta (1024 ) bytes of data worldwide. Thanks to the SIGFOX network, OVH’s Datacenters and its PaaS, France is becoming a stronghold for data collection, storage, dispatch and operational use.  PaaS (Platform as a Service) is a cloud computing service that provides a platform for clients to develop, run and manage web applications.


In December 2014, OVH raised $327 mainly to expand into the US. It had initially entered the North American hosting market with a 360 000 servers-datacenter just outside Montreal in 2012, to serve the US East Coast. In July 2015, OVH’s CEO Laurent Allard confirmed the creation of a new datacenter in the US itself, in 2016. This will give OVH a West Coast presence as well. It is to be noted that it has already its own private fiber network covering a large sweep of the US territory.

With its Cloud technology capabilities and ongoing innovation, technological partners which are world leaders in their own fields, continuous expansion worldwide, OVH can reasonably expect to achieve its ambition of world leadership in the next few years.

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Online publishing, January, 2016

OVH Summit 2015 / Keynote : part 3, Octave Klaba, CTO

Fireside chat - Laurent Allard (OVH) moderated by David Concannon (Orrick)

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