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According to the Financial Times, France’s Dailymotion is the world’s second largest internet video portal and one of the main competitors to Google’s YouTube alongside Vimeo. It is 100% owned by France Telecom now renamed Orange.


In May 2013, the French government blocked a bid by Yahoo to buy 75% of Dailymotion. The deal would have made Yahoo a bigger player in Web video outside the U.S and also helped Dailymotion to expand in the US. The French state which owns 27% of Orange, appears to have wanted a 50-50 partnership.   


In July 2013, after the talks with Yahoo collapsed, Orange decided to invest 30 million euros in Dailymotion with the aim of tripling its sales over the next three years. The website which has its headquarters in the 17th arrondissement in Paris will open new offices all over the world and its content made available in 16 languages. Despite this expansion, rivalling YouTube which has 8 times more unique visitors will be hard to achieve.


However, which gives advice on monetizing websites, says that Dailymotion has become a popular alternative to YouTube in recent years and represents a way for quality video producers to cash in on popular submissions.


At the beginning of August 2013, the British newspaper The Guardian struck a video deal with Dailymotion to launch an online dedicated news channel. The Guardian would bring quality web programming on topical issues to Dailymotion’s 112 million regular users. The two companies will split revenue from advertising on the channel.




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Online publishing, August 20th, 2014

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