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Londoners who see vehicles of the company VEOLIA, crisscrossing the streets of their city might not know that this is a French multinational giant which is the world leader in water and waste treatment. With its 160 years of expertise in water, waste and energy management solutions, VEOLIA group enables the crucial sustainable development of communities and industries around the world.


VEOLIA hit the world media headlines this summer when China chose it to operate the entire water cycle of the massive Yanshan petrochemical complex over the next 25 years. The water cycle management of the Yanshan facilities will include industrial water, drinking water, waste water, firefighting water etc. The waste water treatment will have to comply with the most stringent requirements in the world for water discharge.

Earlier this year, VEOLIA opened the world’s largest sewage sludge treatment plant in the world at Hong Kong. The French company’s technology leads to a waste reduction of 90% whilst generating heat and power that are used for three spa pools and 4000 households.

In the UK, VEOLIA employs 14000 people and delivers waste collection, recycling, street cleansing and other services.  Future investments there will include schemes to convert waste material which it collects into low-carbon electricity and heat. The French company has also been called upon to take part in a Thames Valley project to help resolve London’s water supply challenge of limited resources and high demand.


The multinational is also prominent in the circular economy where by-products from waste are reused in manufacturing processes to create a cycle of harmony with the environment.

VEOLIA is listed on the Euronext Stock Exchange in Paris, employs 180000 people worldwide and has yearly revenue of nearly € 30 billion.


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Online publishing, August 29th, 2016


Waste sorting and recycling - Veolia

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