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In August 2014 the French company CARMAT fitted a second patient suffering from terminal heart failure with an artificial heart. The CARMAT revolutionary device invented by Professor Alain Carpentier, is made partly with biological material instead of synthetic material such as plastic which can cause blood clots. These clots have to be treated with anticoagulants with the risk of hemorrhage.

Professor Carpentier with his expertise in the use of bio-prosthetic materials such as bovine tissue has overcome this problem. The principle of his innovation is that the biological material in contact with the circulating blood is covered, with hemo-compatible proteins. These ensure that the risk of blood clots recedes and therefore the patient does not require anticoagulants.

Another revolutionary aspect of CARMAT’s artificial heart is that its engineers have developed the algorithm required to reproduce the ventricular contractions of a natural heart.  

The necessary motorization and electronics are all embedded inside the body of the patient. Only the lithium-ion battery which powers the artificial heart is outside.

A lot of data and experience was gathered from the implant of an artificial heart at the end of 2013, on a first patient, who survived for 74 days.  The second patient is living a quasi-normal life three months after the operation thanks to CARMAT’s heart bio-prosthesis which reproduces the functioning of a natural heart.



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Online publishing, November 13th, 2014


Carmat's longer-lasting artificial heart successfully implanted in patient

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