About FranceTechBizNews

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FranceTechBizNews is compiled and produced by myself, Krishna Seetharamdoo. I have been a chartered engineer, an experienced entrepreneur and a lecturer and examiner in Economics and Finance at Masters Level.

Through this website, I would like to share with readers in the US and the rest of the world, my passionate interest in French engineering, technology, innovation and entrepreneurial presence worldwilde.


FranceTechBizNews provides succinct news in English about French technology and businesses. It aims to :

● inform media and investment funds in the US and the rest of the world about France’s startups and established companies which are going increasingly global;

bring to the fore the excellence of France-trained engineers who are some of the most sought after in the Silicon Valley along with their counterparts from China and India;

report on how some French startups benefit from establishing a corporate presence in the Silicon Valley while maintaining R&D centers in France;

showcase France’s attractiveness for foreign companies as a place to set up their R&D centers and businesses;

create awareness of the importance given to the rigorous study of mathematics for French engineering students. (Mathematics for France is a proud heritage, as witnessed by its long history of producing world-class mathematicians and by a leading position alongside the US in the Fields Medal ranking list);

act as a resource for French entrepreneurs, investors and engineers to learn, practice, and finally use the English-language as an essential communication tool especially for French company blogs and startup events. France would thereby develop a bilingual capable culture to share its vigorous tech and business scene worldwide.